Buy 10 Tickets – Get 1 Free


Are your boarding passes stacking up due to your high fly-hour? Don't throw it away just yet!


Exchange 10 boarding passes of yours to 1 ticket for FREE


Terms and Conditions:

  • Valid for Sriwijaya Air and Nam Air boarding pass
  • Flying Period : January 20 until May 31, 2020
  • Sub Class : E A V X M L K H W S Y
  • Route : All Domestic Routes (exclude charter routes)
  • Channel Distribution : All Channels (Websites, Mobile Apps, Travel Agents, Online Travel Agents, Corporate
  • Not applicable for Infants.
  • 10 (ten) tickets or segments of the same passengers name are entitled to 1 (one) free ticket.
  • Free tickets shall be claimed to Sriwijaya Air no later than June 19, 2020 by attaching the original ticket & boarding pass.
  • Ticket exchange can be done offline and online:




  • Claim the ticket directly to one of Sriwijaya Air Group ticketing offices.
  • Passengers shall submit the tickets (PNR) & original boarding passes before informing the route of their choice.




  • Passengers shall submit claims online through http://bit.ly/sjclaim
  • Sriwijaya Air will verify the data and then inform the nearest Branch Office to the location of the passenger.
  • The Branch Office will confirm the flight details of the free ticket to the passenger along with the fees that must be paid.
  • If the passenger confirmed and the ticket is paid, then the ticket will be issued.
  • The free ticket is a one-way ticket under the name of the passenger who meets the loyalty program requirements.
  • The route of the free ticket is chosen out of the passenger’s previous routes.
  • Free tickets are subject to fees: Jasa Raharja Mandatory Fee (IWJR), Airport Tax, and Administrative fees following the provisions.
  • The free ticket cannot be cashed, the route cannot be changed, and the validity period cannot be extended (it is a fix date).
  • The free tickets can be used in low season period until August 2020.
  • This program cannot be combined with other promotional programs.