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Sriwijaya Air Supported Relocation of 'Bonbon' the Orang Utan from Bali to North Sumatera

After successfully holding the charity fun run event of the Central Kalimantan-Sriwijaya Air Group oRUNgutan 2019 in September 2019, in the near future Sriwijaya Air will contribute again in preserving endangered animals, that is the relocation of 'Bonbon' the orangutan from Bali to its natural habitat in North Sumatra.

In this program, Sriwijaya Air teamed up with Bali Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) and Jakarta Animal Aid Network (JAAN) which have often collaborated on Corporate Environmental Responsibility (CER) activities.

Adi Willi Hanhari Haloho, Vice President of Corporate Secretary of Sriwijaya Air, revealed that this action is an implementation of the company's ongoing commitment to protect Indonesia's endangered species whose lives are increasingly threatened by many illegal poaching, smuggling and illegal maintenance efforts.

"We are well aware that many endangered species in Indonesia are now in a threatened position because there are quite number of irresponsible parties. This is certainly a concern of Sriwijaya Air, which has become part of the Indonesian nation, and as such we will continue to carry out CER activities in a sustainable manner, "he said.

At present, 'Bonbon' is still in Bali, a location where smuggling efforts by Russian foreigners were foiled by Avsec I Gusti Ngurah Rai International Airport in March 2019.

Before the relocation of Bonbon the orangutan, Sriwijaya Air has several times supported the relocation of endangered animals by collaborating with the local BKSDA and other environmental organizations.

For Sriwijaya Air Group, this action again added to the record of Sriwijaya Air's contribution to the preservation of endangered species in Indonesia. Some actions that have been carried out were in August 2019 Sriwijaya Air supported the DKI Jakarta BKSDA in the relocation of the Pig Snout Turtles to Timika, Siamang to Padang and Tanimbar Cockatoos to Ambon. In addition, in September 2019 the Sriwijaya Air Group successfully held a Charity Fun Run event titled oRUNgutan 2019 which the fund that raised from this event was donated or dedicated for supporting orangutan conservation in Tanjung Puting National Park.

"Sriwijaya Air's consistency in supporting the survival of protected wildlife will continue to be maintained as an identity of the airline that sincerely supports efforts to save the lives of the wildlife of the archipelago," he concluded.


Warm regards,

Adi Willi Hanhari Haloho

Vice President Corporate Secretary

PT Sriwijaya Air