Starting in 2019, the medium service airline Sriwijaya Air and Nam Air launched a new service called SJ In-flight Entertainment. This service is presented in the form of wireless networks within the aircraft that can be accessed by all customers and contains a variety of interesting content ranging from videos (movies and TV shows), video music, games, children's programs, news, e-magazine to chat applications between fellow customers on the same plane above 35,000 feet.

Met at the SJ Launching in In-flight Entertainment on Wednesday (01/30/2019), President Director of Sriwijaya Air Joseph Adriaan Saul said this step was one of the company's efforts to improve service to all customers, both Sriwijaya Air and Nam Air and could enjoyed for free.

"To enjoy Inflight Entertainment, customers simply connect a smartphone, tablet or laptop with the network available on the plane. Thus in the future, customers can enjoy Sriwijaya Air and Nam Air flights while adventuring to enjoy various entertainment content available, "said Joseph Adriaan Saul.

In the matter of providing SJ In-flight Entertainment, Joseph Adriaan Saul added that Sriwijaya Air and Nam Air must still pay attention to aspects of aviation safety. Thus, in order to avoid any dangerous indication and continue to operate in accordance with the regulations, the installation process of this service also involves regulators.

"Every device installed in our aircraft cabin has been inspected by the Directorate of Aircraft Aerospace and Operation (DKUPPU), Ministry of Transportation of the Republic of Indonesia," explained Joseph Adriaan Saul.

The SJ In-flight Entertainment service is an innovation presented by Sriwijaya Air by partnering with PT Dua Surya Dinamika, also known as AirFi Indonesia as a company providing on-board devices and providing content.

"Our system is the latest and the latest in the Aviation industry. AirFi is designed to function with handheld devices in any form or brand. Our system is also compatible with various operating systems such as iOS, Android, Windows, BBM, Linux and others. Coupled with diverse and up to date content, SJ In-flight Entertainment makes passenger experience a priority. ”Said Satish Mahtani, President Director of PT Dua Surya Dinamika.


"Sriwijaya Air Group is the first Indonesian airline to provide in-flight entertainment to its passengers via wireless streaming. And with a complete installation of all the aircraft, I am proud to say Sriwijaya Air Group is the first in Southeast Asia. Installation of SJ In-flight Entertainment in all Sriwijaya Air fleets at the end of February 2019 ", added Satish.

"In the near future all NAM Air fleets will also be equipped with in-flight entertainment. Currently the installation of in-flight entertainment for NAM Air is in the process of licensing so that later this service will be available in all 52 fleets owned by Sriwijaya Air Group, "concluded Joseph.





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