Following the decision of a joint operation or joint operation (KSO), Sriwijaya Air, which decided to join as part of the Garuda Indonesia Group, has set a new Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors into its organization. The decision was taken through the General Meeting of Shareholders (GMS) and was inaugurated through the holding of the Sriwijaya Air Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors Position Handover.

After the handover of the position, the composition in the Sriwijaya Air directorate did not undergo many changes. If previously there were seven directorates, now Sriwijaya Air only left six directorates to assist one President Director.

On the other hand, the renewal decisions that occur are more related to officials who fill the highest seats in each directorate and the Board of Commissioners.

Of the list of names, two of which were I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra who was named President Commissioner and Pikri Ilham Kurniansyah as Commissioner will be effective if they have received official approval from the Ministry of BUMN. To be known at this time the two people each served as Managing Director and Business Director at Garuda Indonesia. 

In his remarks at the Position Handover, I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra who was familiarly called Ari Askhara said that the joint operation was carried out solely to improve the aviation ecosystem in Indonesia.

"It cannot be denied that currently the Indonesian aviation business is experiencing difficult times. For this reason, Garuda Indonesia Group, which is actually a state-owned company, will work together with Sriwijaya Air Group's private airline to continue to build air transportation which is expected to contribute equally to the development of the nation and state, "explained Ari. 

On the other hand, Chandra Lie, who now holds the position of Deputy President Commissioner of Sriwijaya Air, welcomed the joint operation with Garuda Indonesia Group.

"By brand, this collaboration will certainly be positive and beneficial for Sriwijaya Air. We are optimistic that in the future with Garuda Indonesia the Sriwijaya Air Group can improve the quality of its flights. "Both in terms of business and operations," said Chandra Lie.

Not only Sriwijaya Air, the airline Nam Air will also join the Garuda Indonesia Group together with Garuda Indonesia and Citilink.

The following is the composition of the Board of Commissioners and Board of Directors of Sriwijaya Air after the inauguration of the KSO with Garuda Indonesia Group.


Sriwijaya Air Board of Commissioners:  


  • President Commissioner: Mr. I Gusti Ngurah Askhara Danadiputra (effective after obtaining approval from the Ministry of BUMN)
  • Deputy President Commissioner: Mr. Chandra Lie
  • Commissioner: Bapak Pikri Ilham Kurniansyah (effective after obtaining approval from the Ministry of BUMN)
  • Commissioner: Mr Juliandra Nurtjahtjo
  • Commissioner: Mr. Hendry Lie
  • Commissioner: Mrs. Gabriella Sonia Xevianne Bonggoro.
  • Commissioner: Mr. Jefferson Irwin Jauwena    


Sriwijaya Air Board of Directors:  


  • President Director: Mr. Joseph Adriaan Saul
  • Business Director: Mr Joseph Dajoe K. Tendean
  • Director of Human Capital & Services: Mr. Harkandri M. Dahler
  • Director of Finance: Mr Amrulloh Hakiem
  • Operations Director: Capt. Fadjar Semiarto
  • Director of Quality, Safety & Security: Capt. Toto Soebandoro
  • Technical Director: Mr. Romdani Ardali Adang



Tangerang, 13 Desember 2018

PT Sriwijaya Air


Maya Retri

Senior Corporate Communications Manager